Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are the latest version of bifocal lenses that provide distance, intermediate, and near vision simultaneously with just one spectacle. Suppose you are driving a car and suddenly receive a text message, and you need to change your reading glasses. But with progressive lens spectacles you don’t need to change your spectacles frequently just to read, progressive lenses help provide all distance vision at the same time and increase the comfort of your everyday life.

Vazeer Optical Hall is now the official optician of Rodenstock Germany in Karachi, Pakistan

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use of progressive lenses

After the age of 40, a person’s reading ability decreases day by day and he cannot read small prints. This process is called Presbyopia. Progressive lenses are the modern version of bifocal lenses that have a line in the mid-distance region. With bifocal lenses, this mid-distance region cannot be seen by the wearer. While the progressive lenses are line-free multifocal lenses. And the wearer can also see the middle distance area. It gives clearer vision than bifocals. Nowadays, it is becoming a big trend and is highly demanded by consumers. Just try it once and you won’t regret your decision. Progressive lenses are growing in popularity among people who need help seeing near, far, and in between.

how do progressive lenses work?

The reason behind this is the prismatic powers in your lenses that change as your eyes move. In fact, the more you look out of the center of the lens, the higher the powers will be. These effects are mostly found in bifocal lens design and depend on the shape of your reading area and your reading power. In progressive lenses, you will not have this kind of image jump.

benefits of progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are a type of multifocal lens specifically for people who need corrective lenses to see distant and near objects. To put it plainly, these lenses allow you to see clearly at multiple distances without a bifocal line. You only have one pair of eyeglasses for everything. And you don’t need to change your glasses for reading or distant vision. And they don’t any distracting bifocal lines. These lenses are especially useful for modern youthful.

our duties

We have our own lab where our scientists create progressive lenses. And if any problem is found with the lens, the lens will be replaced with a single-vision lens.


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